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  • Originally developed by Ralph Aveson of Vertigo Software for the MSDN Smart Client Developer Center
  • Converted to a DotNetNuke Module by Todd Davis of Seabury Design
  • Further developed by Peter Donker of Bring2Mind and Darren Neese of DotNetNuke Rocks
  • Converted to DotNetNuke 4 by Bill Severance
  • Enhanced by Michael Washington (http://ADefWebserver.com)
    • Converted to use a database rather than .xml files
    • Allows the Administrator to indicate a role that will be allowed to create galleries.
    • Created a Client download page that dynamically provides configuration instructions.
    • Data structured as one gallery to a Portal rather than one gallery to a module instance to reduce complexity and allow an administrator to delete the module instance and not lose galleries or configuration.

Known Issues

  • FotoVision does not work with Sub Portals or Child Portals. It will only work with Parent Portals
  • It will only work with portals that are created with the default "Portals/[PortalID]"
  • The DotNetNuke module makes excessive calls to the database when viewing a single photo. This can be fixed by adding a column for picture sequence order.
  • If Superuser creates a gallery in two different portals in the same installation the second gallery will throw an error because it will assume the album folders have already been created. This can be fixed by having the Client properly check the portal that the pictures are being uploaded to.

Needed Enhancements (if anyone is able to work on these please post in the Forum)

  • Allow the deletion of pictures and albums inside the DotNetNuke module.
  • Sync local and remote site when publishing. When out of sync the Client should ask the user if they want to overwrite the remote album.
  • Add a column for picture order in an album. After upload the Client should call a method that reorders the pictures in the album. If a sequence problem is found when scrolling through an album it should automatically re-sequence the pictures in that album. The database calls to display pictures should be greatly reduced when this is done.

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